When I try to share a recipe to ChefTap, nothing happens.

  • If you are looking at a recipe that requires you to be signed in, you’ll need to import that recipe from ChefTap’s internal browser. From the main recipe list, tap the ‘+’ button, then ‘Open a browser’. Using the ChefTap browser, navigate to the site you want to import from, sign in, find the recipe you want to import and tap the ‘Import’ button.
  • If you already have a recipe, ChefTap won’t import it a second time. If nothing happens when you try to import, double-check that you don’t already have the recipe.
  • If you are new to importing recipes, you might want to watch this two-minute video to see how to import recipes from your browser. If you’re following the instructions in the video and it still doesn’t work, let us know, and we’d be happy to help.


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