Updates aren’t compatible with my Android/Kindle Fire device

We had to drop support for devices running anything below Android 4.4 (KitKat) because Google is no longer updating the Android System WebView for these older versions of Android. As websites continue to evolve, older versions of the System WebView will have an increasingly difficult time downloading and rendering modern web pages which will affect ChefTap’s ability to clip recipes.

Updates to ChefTap earlier this year removed the update notifications from devices running unsupported versions of Android, but if you haven’t updated ChefTap in a while, then you might have missed them. If you have a an Android/Kindle Fire device running Jelly Bean or earlier, you can download the last version of ChefTap that will run on your device here:

Download ChefTap for JellyBean and earlier

You’ll need to sideload the APK file. This version of ChefTap is unsupported and won’t receive any updates. It won’t clip recipes as well as ChefTap running on newer devices, but you’ll be able to use your recipes in the kitchen on older devices.

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