I imported a Pinterest board but not all of the recipes came in.

There are several reasons why a pin might not import:

  • Make sure that there is only one recipe on each page. If you pin the front page of a blog, for example, there might be several recipes on a single page, and ChefTap will not be able to import it.
  • Make sure there is actually a recipe on the pin! Sometimes, a pin might just be a picture and description of the dish, or a gallery of pictures.
  • Check that the recipe is still there. Sometimes, when you click on a pin, you might see that the original site has taken the recipe down, resulting in a Not Found (404) error.
  • If a recipe was pinned through a third party service, such as Pinerly, ChefTap might not be able to reach the original site.
  • The ad networks on some recipe sites use tracking software that can confuse ChefTap. Sometime, trying the same pin later on might fix the problem.

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