How do I add items to the Staples list?

There are several ways you can add items to your Staples list.

  • Type the name of the product at the top of the Staples list
    Tap ‘Add Item’ and begin typing. ChefTap will suggest products based on what you’ve entered. To add an item from your history list, tap the clock icon. To add a staple from the items on your Favorites list, tap the heart icon.
  • From an item on one of your grocery listsĀ 
    Tap on the item in your grocery list that you’d like to add to Staples to expand it. Then tap the salt shaker icon in the toolbar.
  • From the Favorites or History list
    Check the items you’d like to add to staples and then tap the salt shaker icon at the top of the screen.
  • When you add a recipe to a grocery list
    Click here to learn how.

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