How do I add a recipe to a grocery list?

Open the recipe you’d like to add to a list and tap the ‘Shop’ button at the top of the recipe.

ChefTap will read each ingredient and make a list out of them. ChefTap will then display a list of items you need from the store. Any items that are on your Staples list will be unchecked by default so you don’t end up with things like ‘warm water’ on your list.

To change which list the items should go to, tap the list name to the right of the ‘ADD TO:’ button. Tap ‘Add a new store’ to create a new grocery list.

If you see anything that isn’t on the Staples list that should be, tap the ‘Staples’ button to the right of the item.

When you’re finished reviewing the items, tap ‘DONE’ to add them to the list.

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