Follow multiple recipes at the same time

When you need to follow more than one recipe while you’re cooking in the kitchen, ChefTap’s Make list has you covered. The Make list lets you quickly switch between any of the recipes on the list so you can stay in control in the kitchen. Here’s how to add recipes to your Make list:

Adding recipes to the Make list

  1. Open the recipe you’d like to add to the Make list and tap the ‘Make’ button.
  2. When you add a recipe to the Make list, a mixing bowl icon appears at the top of the screen. Tap it to see the recipes on your Make list

Switching between recipes on the Make list:

  1. Tap the mixing bowl icon at the top of the screen from either the main recipe list or an open recipe.
  2. Tap the recipe on the pop up menu that you’d like to switch to.

Removing a recipe from the Make list:

  1. Open the recipe you’d like to remove and tap the ‘Done’ button. This will remove it from the Make list.

Posted in: Organizing Your Recipes