FAQ & Support

Email support at support@cheftap.com

If you are having problems with ChefTap, please be in touch. We’d be grateful for the feedback and happy to help you out.

If you are having problems with importing from a particular site, please send us a sample link that doesn’t work. This will let us check out the problem before we get back to you.


07. Support

How do I get help?

You can get technical support by clicking this link.

How do I send log files?


You can send your log files to us by opening ChefTap (the app) to the main recipe list and tapping the menu button, then ‘Feedback’, then ‘Send log files’. Choose your email app if asked. Then tap the ‘send’ button on the email that pops up.


You can send your log files to us by opening ChefTap (the app) to the main recipe list and tapping the button with three dots on it at the top of the screen, then ‘Contact Support’. An email will pop up with the log files attached. Tap the ‘send’ button on the email.

How can I update my app?

You may have seen a message in ChefTap telling you that you need to update your app. You can upgrade to the new version by going to the app market you downloaded ChefTap from, either Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore and then going to the list of available updates. From either app market, tap your device’s menu key and then “My Apps”. You’ll be able to see a list of apps that have an update available.

Even if you think you downloaded ChefTap from the Google Play Store, open the Amazon Appstore if you have it and check for ChefTap updates. The Amazon Appstore is pretty bad at notifying people about updates. If the Amazon Appstore doesn’t show that an update is available, you’ll need to clear the Appstore app’s cache. To do that, open the settings app on your phone and go to your list of installed apps. Find the Amazon Appstore and tap on it. Then either scroll down to the button that says “Clear Cache” or if it’s not there, tap on the item that says “Storage’. From the “Storage” screen, tap “Clear Cache“.

Kindle Fire instructions: If you’re using ChefTap on your Kindle Fire, then on the ‘home’ screen of your Kindle, tap ‘Apps’ at the top of the screen. On the next screen, tap the ‘Store’ button at the top of the screen. When you’re in the Appstore, tap the Kindle’s menu button which is in the middle of the bar at the bottom of the screen and then tap “App Updates’. This will show you a list of apps that you have installed that have updates available. ChefTap should be on that list.

You can also try clearing the cache for the Appstore. Each model of Kindle Fire is slightly different, but the process is something like this. Go into the system settings and find ‘Applications’. Then find the list of ‘All Applications’ (as opposed to ‘Third-Party’ applications). The scroll down to ‘Appstore’ and tap on it. Then find the button labeled ‘Clear Cache’ and tap it. Then relaunch the Appstore. Clearing the cache forces the Appstore to check with the Amazon servers for updates.

The new version is available on both the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore. If your device doesn’t let you update ChefTap, turn your device completely off by holding down the power button for several seconds and then turning it back on.

To update ChefTap on iOS, open the App Store app on your device and tap on “Updates”.  Scroll down until you see ChefTap and tap the button labeled “Update”.