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Email support at support@cheftap.com

If you are having problems with ChefTap, please be in touch. We’d be grateful for the feedback and happy to help you out.

If you are having problems with importing from a particular site, please send us a sample link that doesn’t work. This will let us check out the problem before we get back to you.


Importing from Pinterest

Import an entire pinboard from Pinterest

You can import an entire Pinterest pinboard (such as this).  ChefTap will follow every link on the board and import any recipes that it finds.

Here are some tips for importing a pinboard:

  • Try to be sure that all pins are recipes, and not just pictures of food. Some people have a specific pinboard that they use for collecting recipes for ChefTap.
  • As with any import, each pin should have only one recipe per page, with ingredients and steps on same page.
  • If you add more pins to your board, you can re-import without any duplicates. ChefTap will still scan all of the URLs, but if you already have a URL, the recipe will not be re-imported.
  • Task killers will often cause imports to fail.


  1. From the recipe list, tap the + icon in the lower right corner to open ChefTap’s browser.
  2. Make sure that you are signed into Pinterest.
  3. If the site asks you to use the Pinterest app, don’t accept. Click Stay in Browser.
  4. Navigate to the pinboard that you want, then tap Import in the upper right corner. Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 3.31.10 PM


  1. Open the pinboard you’d like to import in the Pinterest app and tap the ‘share’ button.
  2. Tap ‘ChefTap’ from the list of apps that appear. If ChefTap isn’t on the list, tap ‘More…’.
  3. ChefTap will open the pinboard in it’s internal web browser. In order for ChefTap to ‘see’ all of the pins on a pinboard, you’ll need to sign into Pinterest. Tap the ‘Log In’ button to sign into Pinterest.
  4. Once you’re signed into the Pinterest website, tap ‘CLIP’ at the top of the screen and ChefTap will begin to gather the pins on that pinboard. Gathering pins on a pinboard can take a long time, especially if there a re a lot of pins on the board. ChefTap is working on clipping dozens or even hundreds of recipes which is a big job. If you tap the ‘Cancel’ button in the ‘Clipping’ progress section, ChefTap won’t get all of the pins on the board.
  5. Once ChefTap is finished gathering all of the pins on the pinboard, it will begin clipping the recipes on all of the pins. clipprogressChefTap will do this in the background so you can do other things while it works.Note: Many Android devices turn off the internet connection when the device’s screen turns off. If this happens, ChefTap will pause clipping until the device is connected again. To avoid this, you can open a recipe to keep the screen on so ChefTap can keep working. You’ll probably want to plug your device into a charger while this is going on.


I imported a Pinterest board but not all of the recipes came in.

There are several reasons why a pin might not import:

  • Make sure that there is only one recipe on each page. If you pin the front page of a blog, for example, there might be several recipes on a single page, and ChefTap will not be able to import it.
  • Make sure there is actually a recipe on the pin! Sometimes, a pin might just be a picture and description of the dish, or a gallery of pictures.
  • Check that the recipe is still there. Sometimes, when you click on a pin, you might see that the original site has taken the recipe down, resulting in a Not Found (404) error.
  • If a recipe was pinned through a third party service, such as Pinerly, ChefTap might not be able to reach the original site.
  • The ad networks on some recipe sites use tracking software that can confuse ChefTap. Sometime, trying the same pin later on might fix the problem.

When I import from Pinterest, there are recipes imported that I didn’t want.

Check the pins on your pinboard to see if any of the pins lead to other pinboards. If any of your pins lead to other pinboards, ChefTap will also import all of the recipes on that pinboard.