FAQ & Support

Email support at support@cheftap.com

If you are having problems with ChefTap, please be in touch. We’d be grateful for the feedback and happy to help you out.

If you are having problems with importing from a particular site, please send us a sample link that doesn’t work. This will let us check out the problem before we get back to you.


Feature Requests

Can you make ChefTap clip recipes from books, magazines, PDFs, or pictures?

We’ve looked into adding the ability for ChefTap to use optical character recognition (OCR) to clip recipes from printed media and it’s not feasible at this time. First, the actual recognition of characters is not consistently accurate enough for ChefTap’s recipe recognizer to use. Additionally, OCR is optimized for text in columns and recipes are often printed in a different layout from the main article which can have the effect of interleaving the instructions and steps instead of listing all of the ingredients together followed by the steps. Finally, OCR doesn’t work well for paper that has been stained in any way and we all know what happens to paper recipes in the kitchen.

We’re keeping an eye on improvements in OCR technology and if it becomes feasible to use in ChefTap in the future, we’ll revisit this feature.

Can you add a recipe duplicator?

Yes! The ability to make a duplicate of a recipe so you can experiment without losing the original is in ChefTap for Android. iOS will follow.

Can you add a meal planner?

Yes! We do plan on adding a meal planner to ChefTap. The meal planner will not only allow you to plan your meals, but it will allow you to select a range of dates and generate a grocery list for that time period.

Can you make a web clipper for ChefTap?

Yes, a web clipper is on our todo list.

Can you add an Imperial to Metric system converter?

We have looked into metric/imperial conversion and it’s not feasible. The problem is ounces. Fluid ounces and weight ounces are different and most recipes don’t specify “fl oz”. To make matters worse some things you would think are sold by fluid ounces are actually sold by weight, like chicken broth. Chicken broth commonly comes in 14 1/2 oz cans. The contents *weigh* 14 1/2 ounces. Other times, things like chicken broth *are* sold by volume, so there’s no way to guess correctly.

Can you add nutritional info?

Nutritional info is a little tricky. Lots of recipe sites that display nutritional information have two sets of info. One that people see when they view the page and one that they show to other software. The info that they show to other software is just plain wrong. The reason for this is that Google gives a higher search ranking to any recipe that is under 100 calories per serving, has five ingredients or less and takes less than 20 minutes to prepare. ChefTap has some complex code that detects when a site is lying about the number of ingredients which was nontrivial. ChefTap would need the same thing for nutritional info. So, we’d like to include nutritional info when available, but it’s going to take some engineering.

I also looked really hard into extracting nutritional data from recipes and the short answer is that it’s not feasible at this point. Yes, ChefTap could look up the nutritional content of individual ingredients, but doing that would be incredibly misleading. For instance, fried chicken calls for 5 quarts of vegetable oil, but you don’t consume 5 quarts of vegetable oil in the finished dish. An app that provided accurate nutritional information would have to know the cooking medium absorption rate and the surface area of the item being cooked along with the preparation of the item. e.g. Are the chicken parts breaded before frying? Conversely, pork belly and duck usually have less fat after cooking unless the duck is prepared confit which allows the duck meat to absorb more fat than other cooking methods. I also looked into using the USDA nutritional database to estimate nutritional info for food after preparation, however all values are based on weight (nutrient amount/gram) *after* cooking so the app would have to know for instance, what a pound of bacon weighs after cooking.

Can I move ChefTap to the SD card?

ChefTap is too complicated of an app to move to the SD card. SD cards are much slower and less reliable than internal storage. ChefTap does try to store recipe images to the SD card. However most modern Android devices redirect attempts to store data on the SD card to a directory in internal storage.

Can you add video support?

The quick answer is, no. One of the key features of ChefTap is it’s ability to let you use your recipes even when there’s no internet connection. If ChefTap supported videos, it would either have to store all videos locally, which would take up a lot of space on your device, or it would require your device to have a connection to the internet.