About ChefTap

ChefTap is a cooking app made by two people who love to cook. We wanted an easy way to collect and use recipes that we found on the internet. So, we made the app that we always wanted.

ChefTap uses a specially designed artificial intelligence network that can pull only the recipe out of any unstructured text. Other apps that import recipes only work with a limited number of websites. ChefTap works with just about any website.


All of your recipes in one place

  • Easily grab recipes from any website or blog
  • Bulk import recipes from Pinterest, Epicurious, and allrecipes.com
  • Import your own recipes

Tablet, phone and desktop

  • Website for managing recipes from your desktop
  • Sync between your tablet, phone and web account
  • Cloud backup

Personalize your recipes

  • Tweak and edit clipped recipes on your device or at your desktop
  • Intelligently scale any recipe to adjust the yield
  • Download pictures from the original website or add your own
  • Export recipes to text or HTML files

Kitchen-friendly recipe display

  • View ingredients and steps side-by-side
  • Adjustable font size
  • Recipes are always available, even without an Internet connection
  • Option to keep display on while you are viewing a recipe

Keep organized

  • Tag your recipes
  • Several ways to sort recipes
  • Use the Make list to make a short list of recipes that you are following


  • Share recipes via email
  • Export recipes to text or HTML

Planned Features

  • Grocery list
  • Meal planner

What People Are Saying

"ChefTap for Android may be the cooking app to rule them all."
"ChefTap can take you through the cooking process with style."
"One of the most useful apps on my tablet. I use ChefTap just about every day."
"Love that you can tweak recipes that you take from the Internet as well as add your own recipes. All recipes are put in the same format and you can change the size of the font. Unlike a recipe on a web page, your screen won't go dark while you are using a recipe."
"Keep up the good work, guys. Seriously, I'll bake you cookies."