Progress Report

August 21, 2013 — It’s been a few months since we released our redesign of the app. Since then, we’ve had our heads down working on the web site, cloud backup and device syncing.  Some people have been in touch, wondering how that is all going.  So we thought we would give you a progress report.

We have been feature-complete for a few weeks, which means that all of the major features have been built.  We are testing them and doing all of the other things that have to be done before a new product is released.  We did want to take some time out to give you a quick preview of the new site, though. Here it is:

Recipe list

You can view your recipes as either a list or a grid.  (Click any image to see it full-size).

And yes — all of those recipes were synced from my phone.



View a Recipe

There are also two ways to view a recipe.  With the Default view, you have options to edit or print the recipe, or to add pictures. You can also see a list of links to your Recently Viewed recipes.


The Kitchen-Friendly view shows just the recipe, with the ingredients and steps side-by-side.  In this view, you can adjust the text size. If you have an iPad, this is a great way to view your recipes while you are cooking.


Edit Recipes

You can also edit the recipe from your desktop.  Sub-lists of ingredients and steps are preserved in the recipe form. You can also Retrieve Missing Text from the original web site, just like you can in the app.  (Though, we call it Show Extra Text here).edit-form


So, these are the main screens of the web site.  The two of us have been working very hard on this, and we will begin rolling it out as soon as we are confident that it is ready. Time to get back to work…

Enjoy the rest of your summers! You’ll be hearing from us soon.

-Kate and Shawn