Cucumber Lime Gimlets

These are delicious and refreshing on a hot day, with or without the addition of alcohol.  This would probably be a lot easier if you have a juicer, but you can also use a grater and a strainer to extract all of the juice from the cucumber.

Cucumber Lime Gimlets

Makes 2 larger drinks, or four smaller drinks

1 cucumber

1 lime

1/2 teaspoon sugar, or to taste

2 ounces vodka, or to taste


Peel the cucumber.  Extract the juice from the cucumber, using a juicer or by finely grating the cucumber. If you use a grater, put it over a bowl or something that will catch all of the juice.

Pour the grated cucumber and the juice into a strainer over a measuring cup or a bowl. Press down on the grated cucumber with a spoon or your clean hands, in order to extract as much juice as possible.  I usually get almost a cup of juice from a single cucumber.


Cut the lime in half and juice the lime.  Add the lime juice to the cucumber juice.

Add the sugar to the juice, stirring to dissolve.

Pour the juice and vodka (if using) into a shaker of ice.  Shake well and strain into glasses.